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15-Jan-2018 11:02

I have been a DCU member for over 13 years and have gotten many cards.I can say confidently that the DCU platinum card is the best simply because of its simplicity and value. My selections are based on the value of the rewards and the extra perks given.Also, all the cards chosen have no annual fee as I don’t believe in paying to use a credit card.Each live phone sex site has been vetted by us prior to advertising.Genuine UK phone sex companies and none automated telephone sex services are 100% guaranteed by us.Online access is easy when you're away from home through Online Banking and it is safer than cash.If your own financial situation doesn't allow you to qualify for a card on your own (based on your credit history, income, and expenses), you'll need to have an adult co-borrower who does qualify – most often a parent.

You'll know before you date and meet people, if you should even meet for a cup of coffee!!

There a few store based loyalty credit cards out there with no annual fee.

The one that you choose will depend on where you shop the most.

A perfect card to carry anytime or anywhere in the world!

— Agrawalji, Sunnyvale, CA The DCU Visa Platinum is the perfect card for college students.Personally, I would choose a store card that would be used often, and has a high return on spending.

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