Limitations in validating emergency department triage scales 16 23 year old dating

29-Jul-2017 19:09

The emergency department is the crucial interface between the emergency medical services and the hospital.As reflected in the year-on-year increases in patient numbers, however, emergency departments are increasingly being selected as the route of primary access to the healthcare system (Figure 1 gif ppt) (1).The Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale is a valid triage system.The system was translated and implemented in the Japanese emergency departments (EDs) from 2012.Because the volume of patient admissions to an emergency department (ED) cannot be precisely planned, the available resources may become overwhelmed at times (crowding), with resulting risks for patient safety.The aim of this study is to identify modern triage instruments and assess their validity and reliability.

Conclusion: The nurses' overall results were below expectations.

Triage instruments with 5 levels are superior to those with 3 levels in both validity and reliability (p Five-level triage systems are valid and reliable methods for assessment of the severity of incoming patients conditions by nursing staff in the emergency department.

They should be used in German emergency departments to assign treatment priorities in a structured and dependable fashion.

Results: Of the 2,205 cases (49 cases each given to the 45 nurses), 49% (1,059 cases) were correctly categorised and 51% (1,146 cases) were miscategorised.

Overtriage and undertriage percentages were 55.93% and 44.07%, respectively.

Le processus de triage est l’unique mécanisme permettant d’atténuer cette difficulté.

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