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He also used the social network to share this too-cute-for-words picture of him and his co-star, Raven-Symone, on his 16th birthday. "Mark" Curry (born June 1, 1961) is an American actor, comedian, and host.‘Lisa and Grant looked very close – it was obvious that this was a very special day for them.’ After a 15-month engagement, Morgan and her high school sweetheart Ryan – described by her best friend Rebecca as ‘every girl’s dreamboat’ – were married in a beachside ceremony at Noosa in front of an intimate group of 40 family and friends.Despite circulating rumours that 52-year-old Grant’s alleged partner Fifi Box, 39, would be attending the wedding as his date with their daughter Trixie, a last-minute change of heart saw her stay in chilly Melbourne instead of making an appearance.Still pops up on telly from time to time, selling things on shopping channels and the like.For a while in the 2000s he ran a dating agency called It Takes 2.He was the host of Comedy Central's Don't Forget Your Toothbrush in 2000 and had minor roles in For Your Love, which starred Hangin' with Mr. Also in 2000, Curry starred in A Man Is Mostly Water. Cooper, and as one of the various hosts of the syndicated series It's Showtime at the Apollo.

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However, he did manage to ride the sails of a windmill, go on the 'Big One' rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and climb up a telegraph pole (even if the latter did take him considerably longer than the rest of the climbers). What he much preferred doing, though, was anything that involved singing and dancing - well, he was an actor originally.In 1992, Curry's first major role was on the television series Hangin' with Mr.Cooper, where he played the lead role of Mark Cooper, an NBA player-turned-substitute teacher/gym coach. The object of Mark’s affection since the beginning of the show, she finally broke it off with her boyfriend after realizing she had feelings for Mark as well.

While Vanessa was cut from her trust fund due to a bit of a spending issue, it’s not like she wasn’t trying to hold down a job.

Curry appeared in two episodes of The Jamie Foxx Show as eccentric driving instructor Sergeant Easy.