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10-Nov-2017 14:11

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Instead, she half-smiles and lowers her sparkling, solemn eyes. Her school email address is listed on her website, which features her latest drawings and paintings: stark, beautiful and funny multimedia efforts that perfectly sum up the deep despondency of the average millennial – and of the college-age kid suffering the first crushing realities that come with leaving home. In fact, up until earlier this year very little was publicly known about Coco Hayley Gordon Moore, the daughter of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, founding members of the unparalleled force that was Sonic Youth.

She’s a perfect composite of her well-known parents, as if she got to pick the more rounded nose, fuller lips, straight blonde hair and super-long legs. A quick Google search brought up only the record of a regular girl’s coming of age: braces-filled Myspace-era snapshots and childhood birthday parties.

And if she’s going to be seen, Gordon Moore would like some control over how.

She lives in the Midwest and attends the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, where she’s been since 2011, the year she left her Northampton, Massachusetts home, and the year that her parents and their band broke up.

We spoke on the phone a few days ago, and I’m guessing she’s not the type to jump up and air-kiss.

last year, Gordon painted a sad picture of the breakup: “It ended in a kind of normal way — midlife crisis, starstruck woman.” Gordon never named the woman who Moore was seeing, but the internet quickly discovered her identity: Eva Prinz, who edited art books for Moore’s Ecstatic Peace publishing house.

Moore and Prinz are still together, living as a couple in London, and Moore has finally gone on the record about the affair.

All that changed in July, when Marc Jacobs had David Sims shoot the designer’s best friends and biggest influences for his AW15 campaign.

‘Kim and Coco’ simply had to pose: Gordon, after all, was in the first-ever Marc Jacobs ad, while Gordon Moore, her parents and Moore’s niece had all appeared in a campaign shot by Juergen Teller in their happy home back in 2003.A lot of those years, nobody was very aware of it except us.

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